Corporate Typeface

by Moritz Kleinsorge



Of course, my masterthesis and this webseite have not been possible without some help. Special Thanks to my family and my girlfriend.

Thanks to my supervising professors Victor Malsy and Christian Jendreiko. Thanks to Florian Hardwig for proofreading the text about the Romain du Roi. Thanks to Riccard Olocco for contributing the Images of the Romain du Roi. Thanks to Lea Kleinsorge and Eloïse Parrack for the Translation.

Thanks to Stefan Claudius and Thomas Schostok (both also @ for their support over the last years. Thanks to Prof. Dr. Jörg Petri, who has awakened my interest in typography and has thus shaped my professional life. Thanks to Pilar Cano and the Alphabettes Mentorship Program to give support in finishing my first retail font. Thanks to my slack group consisting of Anita Jürgeleit, Vitória Neves, Johannes López Ayala, Julien Fincker, Christian Gruber and Marc Lohner for their feedback on every topic.